Heidelberg Catechism 450 Conference

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Sing to God!

A call to worship:

Sing to God,
sing praise to his name,
extol him who rides on the clouds–
his name is the LORD–
and rejoice before him!

~Psalm 68:4

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Prayer for Police

Almighty God, our refuge and strength,
grant your protection and courage to all police officers.
Protect them from harm in the performance of all their duties,
to stop crime, robbery, riots, and violence.

Help them to keep our highways and streets,
our homes and cities safe,
by day and by night.

We commend them to your loving care,
for their task is dangerous.

Grant them strength and courage
in their daily assignments.
Protect these brave men and women.

Unite them safely with their families
after their duties of each day are ended.

Through Jesus Christ, our Shepherd and Defender.


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How can you think so well of us?

How you can think so well of us

and be the God you are,

is darkness to my intellect

but sunshine to my heart.

Frederick William Faber, 1874

Thanks, Inge de Visser.

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So Sing!

Bis orat qui cantat.

They pray twice, who sing.


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